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We have just released a number of Mods to give your new v7.XX Site a much needed cosmetic improvement. With these Mods you can now control the Number of Items Per Page on the Tabbed Home Page Carousels, run the Home Page Carousels separately and contol the Number of Items Per Carousel Section individually, add eye catching CSS Corner Banners, and additional Home Page Advertisement Sections, and Much, Much More. We've also compiled a much needed Help section that you can install easily in your Site with an SQL Insert to save you a ton of time trying to create one, then you can it edit as needed for your own Site.

With the recent release of PHP ProBid v7.XX we have just created a number of "Time Saving" SQL Insert Scripts to assist in the configuration of New Installations of v7.XX. Thay can also be used on Existing Installations, but should be installed with caution, please read all the Instructions and contact us for Support if you need assistance.

With the recent release of PHP ProBid v7.3, we've checked ALL the v7.XX Mods and SQL Inserts for compatibility and have updated ALL the Mods that required some Minor Changes to their Installation Instructions (Only 2 or 3 Required Changes). 

See them in action on our New v7.XX Demo

We are just in the process of wrapping up the creation of New "Ultimate" Carousel Mods for ALL the Themes available for Stock PHP ProBid v6.XX. 

These Themes are running 24 Individually Configurable Carousel Scrollers. They will be available Individually, in Small Packages, Medium Packages, and Full Packages.

Check out the Links below and use the Skin Selector in the Lower Left Column to switch between the Themes in the Demo Sites (Except the Ultra Demo Site)

"Ultimate" Ultra Carousel Theme Demo

"Classic" Tabbed Carousel Themes Demo

"Classic" Non-Tabbed Carousel Themes Demo

This is the Demo Site for our "Ultimate" Ultra Custom Colors and Custom Theme Layouts. Use the Skin Selector in the Lower Right Column to switch between the variuos Color Themes and Theme Layouts in this Demo Site. All the "Ultimate" Carousel Mods can be applied to ANY of these Custom Color / Layout Themes.

"Ultimate" Ultra Custom Color Themes Demo

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